Today’s Challenge

In business today, information is seen as valuable as currency. Hence, if information is so important, isn’t it concerning when your organization loses valuable information each time a senior team members retires? Nearly 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age daily. When they do, your organization needs to be prepared to retain their knowledge for sharing with new staff.

We Help Retain Your Information/Advantage

B.I.G’s Virtual Mentor™ is a learning solution that takes a specific role within any organization and provides a comprehensive multi-dimensional view of how that role functions.

B.I.G. provides an investigative look into each role and utilizes business analysis techniques to identify and retain knowledge from retiring subject matter experts. We also use interactive content management strategies to package valuable best practices and engage new staff; thereby helping them adjust to their new responsibilities.

Retain valuable knowledge, Recognize key contributors, Preserve best practices!

Computer based training is one of the most effective means of providing education and skills training to employees. Today’s staff are extremely comfortable with technology and more likely to accept and enjoy using innovative solutions for learning, as compared to conventional classrooms. B.I.G.’s Learning Management Services helps organizations build and deploy training solutions that engage learners, increase their knowledge retention, showcase subject matter expert’s best practices, and promote a success driven environment through our digital training platform.