Kristine Fallon established Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc. in Chicago to provide information technology consulting for design, construction, and facility management.

Kristine K. Fallon is a licensed architect and pioneer in applying information technology to architecture, engineering, and facility management since the 1970’s. She founded Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc. in 1993 to focus on the use of information technology in the design and construction industry. She has helped architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) firms, corporate and governmental facilities groups nationwide evaluate and implement technology systems. She also developed and teaches a graduate level course entitled Computer Integrated Project Delivery in Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering’s Master of Project Management Program.

Fallon has followed the evolution of BIM since the 1990’s when she developed academic programs using advanced modeling products, produced a white paper for Bentley Systems, evaluated the maturity and scalability of “BIM” systems for the Spallation Neutron Source project at Oak Ridge National Lab and consulted for Revit Technology prior to their initial product release. She has advised many owners on BIM, including the General Services Administration (GSA), the National Institutes of Health, the Capital Development Board of Illinois and the Public Building Commission of Chicago.

In late 2017, Kristine Fallon turned over the reins of her organization to Gregory A. Bush Jr. Gregory who started working for KFA  over 17 years ago, acquired KFA and remains true to the principles established by Kristine. In 2018, KFA celebrated its 25th Anniversary and the retirement of Kristine Fallon. We wish her well and thanks for establishing a foundation for us to build upon.